Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment

IPC Portotecnica Greentube GTE

IPC Portotecnica Greentube GTE

Greentube GTE is a glass cleaning system equipped with pure water technology, generated by a four-stage filtration system.

  • GTE is an innovative and eco-friendly system for excellent results in the washing of vertical glass surfaces.
  • It is not necessary to use chemical detergents, for cost savings and a lower environmental impact, and is powered by electricity.
  • It can also be transported and towed easily thanks to the wheel system.
  • It is recommended for the most delicate professional applications, such as cleaning solar and photovoltaic panels.
Operating Pressure Up to 5 bar
Pure Water Flow 2-4 l/min
Water In/Out Connections 3/4′
Max. Pole Length 16 M
Productivity Up to 100 m2/h
Power Supply 1-230-50 Ph-V-Hz
Absorbed Power 0.3 kW
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 33x41x145 cm

IPC Portotecnica GTO Green Tube

IPC Portotecnica GTO Green Tube

Greentube GTO is part of IPC’s line of professional glass cleaning equipment with purified water technology.

Practical and handy, GTO can be easily transported and placed horizontally for operator comfort.

By hooking up to the water supply, the jet can be delivered up to 7 metres high, ideal for cleaning medium height surfaces.

Operating Pressure Mains Power Supply (Minimum 3 bar)
Pure Water Flow Mains Power Supply
Water In/Out Connections 3/4′
Max. Pole Length 10 M
Productivity Up to 80 m2/h
Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 33x28x145 cm

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