Leaf Collectors

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner – Proline

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner – Proline

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner have been designed to meet the requirements of people wanting to clean large gardens full of leaves but given its structural specifications, it can also be used for cleaning parks and large areas. Other than leaves, it can also suck up cans, waste paper, etc.

  • It has self-propulsion system, which allows to work effortlessly, even on sloped terrains, and top-loading of the sack to ensure that It filled completely.
  • Oswald Vacuum Cleaner is provided with an extensive selection of 4 stroke motors, and can be supplemented and converted using a series of kits and optional extras.
  • Handly and lightweight
  • Great suction power
  • Total filling the bag
  • Made with high quality materials, great strength and durability
  • Transmission with differential: greater maneuverability
  • Suction height adjustment on 6 levels
  • Wide range of optional


B&S vanguard 6,5 hp OS10D2


With differenciale

impeller ø

330 mm

impeller’s blade thickness

4 mm


With 4 radial blades

manual regulation of suction

On 6 positions

top-loading of bags


bag capacity

230 lt


2 pneumatic + 1 pivoting

safety micro-switch


Ossian Trolley Vacuum Cleaner

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner – Proline


Honda GX25T Air Cooled 4 Stroke, OHC


25 cc

Net Power output

1.0 Hp (.72KW) 7,000 rpm


Diaphragn-type (overflow return)

Ignition system

Transistorized Magneto

Starting system


Oil capacity

80 cc


Unleaded 86 octane of higher

Fuel tank capacity

0.58 L

Hose diameter

12.5 cm

Hopper capacity

50 L

Olysse Truck Loader

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner – Proline

Olysse is designed to be installed on the rear wall of a truck of medium and large size. Olysse is commonly used by companies that deal with the cleaning of the city, urban green areas, parking, motorway rest areas.

  • Designed for medium and heavy-duty work
  • Ease to use
  • Briggs & Stratton 18hp for a great vacuum power
  • Very large working radius (length suction pipe up to 10 meters)
  • It can be equipped with humidification kit to reduce dust
  • Adjustable, pivoting deflector
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Directional curve


Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 hp bicilindrico

Starting system


Impeller diameter

400 mm



Blades thickness

1 cm

Replacable steel wear liners


Safety microswitch


Impeller material

Galvanized steel


Double Belts


Centrifugal clutch

Adjustable rotating exhaust

Yes 360°

Hose material


Hose length

5 m

Hose diameter

20 cm

Hose holder bar



170 kg



Jurgen Ventilator with 45 cm Thurst

Jurgen Ventilator with 45 cm Thurst

The power rake dedicated to professionals with working width of 45.

  • Convenient height adjustment.
  • System Belt-pulling system cutting system .
  • Industrial bearings with steel support.
  • Shaft with mobile swinging
  • Knives for shaft with movable knives in hardened steel.
  • Wheels with metal rim

working width

45 cm


Honda GX160


53 KG

toothed belts



4 with metal hub


Yes (Optional)


Jeremy Towed Scarifier

Jurgen Ventilator with 45 cm Thurst

Jeremy 70cm is a towed scarifier suitable for equipping lawn tractors and ATVs.

  • Convenient height adjustment system.
  • Lever that comes close to the tractor seat (easier actuation).
  • Motor in the central part of the machine.
  • Pivoting drawbar in 2 positions to ensure the coupling with any type of tractor
  • 4 wheels with metallic circle (2 front swivel of 360 ° + 2 rear)
  • Cutting-belt drive system pulls
  • Tree oscillating movable knives
  • Knives shaft in hardened steel movable knives

Jeff Scarifier

Jurgen Ventilator with 45 cm Thurst

Jeff power rake is ideal for work on normal and large garden and for renting.

  • Shaft with mobile blades – This solution improves the machine performance by maximizing the result and minimizes damage to the knife in contact with hard objects (stones, pieces of metal, concrete edges, etc.)
  • The best engines on the market – Jeff is equipped with the best engines on the market: Subaru, Honda, Briggs & Stratton
  • Oscillating front wheel axle for perfect adherence to the ground.
  • Easy to transport.

Wood Chippers

Zeffira Chipper

Zeffira Chipper

Zeffira is a chipper for professional use, suitable to be used by professionals looking for high performance machines but easily maneuver and light weight.

The main salient characteristic of Zeffira is the manageability combined with an excellent cutting system.

Zeffira Wood Chippers are equipped with a cutting system composed by a metal disc having a thickness of 10 mm and a diameter of 38 cm on which are mounted, at the front, two blades carrying out an initial reduction of the material to be shredded; while in the back are mounted two set of hammers, 12 in total, which have the function of pulping and further reduce the material to be chipped, In the rear part are also mounted some pallets which create air to push the shredded material out of the machine through the discharge tube.


Honda GX390 13 HP

Max Cutting Diameter (MM)


transmission cutting unit

2V drive belts and centrifugal clutch

hydraulic roller

Yes – Diameter 170 mm

infed hopper opening

700xh.520 mm

infed throat capacity

140xh.182 mm


Nr pneumatic type 15*600


250 kg


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