Cold Water Pressure Washers

IPC Portotecnica G 165-C I 1610AM Cold Water High Pressure Washer

IPC Portotecnica G 165-C I 1610AM Cold Water High Pressure Washer

Trolley mounted for ease of movement and maneuvering. Ergonomic and robust handle, Large wheels and wide wheelbase provide easy and comfortable transportation.

    • Heavy duty construction 40% stronger than the competition.


    • Immediate total stop – the machine goes off automatically when the trigger gun is released. Increases the life of the pump.


    • Pump – axial pump with head in brass.


    • Stainless steel pistons – Pistons with excellent mechanical characteristics.


    • Motor electric induction motor, two pole. Maintenance free.


    • Thermal cutout – the motor is protected from excessively high temperatures by a thermal cutout.


    • Gauge – professional gauge to constantly check the working pressure.


Pressure Max (Bar/MPa) 160/16
Flow Rate Max (l/h) 600
Main Supply (Ph-V-Hz-A) 1-230-50-14.2
Absorbed Power Max (kW) 3
Max water inlet temp. (°C) 50
Hose (m) 8
Electric cable (m) 5
Weight (Kg) 23.6
Dimensions (cm) 38x33x84

IPC Portotecnia PW-C21

IPC Portotecnia PW-C21

Developed to ensure maximum versatility, the PW-C21 cold water pressure washer is suitable both for home and domestic use as well as for professional use.

    • Easy to Use – The ergonomic handle and a compact design make the pressure washer comfortable and easy to use, so as to minimize the fatigue for the user during cleaning activities.


    • Easy Maintenance – easy access to the machine components makes maintenance operations quick and easy.


    • Pump – pump with ceramic pistons and brass head.


    • Immediate total stop – the machine goes off automatically when the trigger gun is released. Increases the life of the pump.





Pressure Max (Bar/MPa)


Flow Rate Max (l/h)


Main Supply (Ph-V-Hz/A)


Absorbed Power Max (kW)


Max water inlet temp. (°C)


Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (cm)



IPC Portotecnica Benz-C

IPC Portotecnica Benz-C

    • High pressure crankshaft, pump with brass head and ceramic pistons./li>


    • Gasoline engine, Honda GX Series, air-cooled 4-Stroke overhead valves, Manual Start and Low oil Sensor.


    • Two 315mm diameter front wheels making the machine more stable and easier to transport. The wheels are fixed to a steel frame.


    • THERMOSTATIC valve and EASY START system.


    • Grab bar and tubular steel bumper with rests for lance or gun.


    • Steel supporting structure designed to absorb all motor vibrations.


    • Adjustment of operating pressure.
    • Low pressure detergent delivery with control on lance.


Pressure Max (Bar/MPa)


Flow Rate Max (l/h)


Max water inlet temp. (°C)


Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (cm)



Hot Water Pressure Washers

Portotecnica Hot High Pressure Washer SYNC-HD2017P


Portotecnica Hot High Pressure Washer SYNC-HD2017P

    • Electric motor, 4-pole, 1400 rpm, with double bearing and thermal cutout. Extends the working life of mechanical components.


    • H.P. crankshaft pump with brass head and ceramic pistons.


    • Two 125mm swiveling wheels at the back and two 300mm front wheels make the machine stable and easy to transport.


    • The detergent and fuel tanks and water tank are incorporated in the trolley. With caps for emptying.


    • High efficiency boiler mounted on a steel plate, 30 m double pass steel coil.


    • The low voltage controls guarantee maximum user safety.


    • Water softener device with pump controlled by circuit board. The quantity of product can be regulated according to water hardness.


    • Pressure adjustment and steam knob accessible from the outside.


    • The fan and fuel pump are driven by an independent motor.


    • Control panel with motor and burner ON/OFF switch, adjustable thermostat, detergent tap, pressure gauge. Indicator lights: micro-leaks, diesel and water softener level.


    • The machine is mounted on a moulded high density polyethylene frame.


    • The trolley has lifting handles and an ergonomic handle for easy convenient transport


absorbed power 7.2 Kw
fuel tank 25 L
pressure 40-200/4-20 bar/Mpa
water flow rate 500-1000 L/Hr
weight 155 Kg
detergent tank 25 L
power supply 3 Ph/400 Watt/50 Hz
output water temperature 3-140 °C
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1090x700x870 (mm)


Portotecnica Hot High Pressure Washer SYNC-HD2017P


Portotecnica Hot High Pressure Washer SYNC-HD2017P

The Kränzle therm C series due to its double axle chassis and its 4 wheels, sets a new benchmark with regard to stability while offering highest conformity during operations that require frequent change of position. In such cases, too, large over dimensioned gears and oil housings are used to noticeably increase the service life during rough industrial operation. The Therm C series, Leading technology on four wheels.

  • Integrated trolley takes rough ground in its stride with large wheels with wide solid rubber tyres.
  • 7.5 m power lead with cable reel.
  • Ergonomic removable handlebar
  • Turbokiller lance with stainless steel pipe, stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle.
  • Storage for trigger gun with safety catch and lances
  • Shock absorbing buffers, front and rear.
  • Total-Stop system with delayed motor cut-out.
  • Pre-aeration of combustion chamber
  • Water flow monitoring
  • High pressure detergent
  • Parking brake.

Operating pressure, continuously adjustable


30-180 bar / 3-18 MPa

Max. admissible overpressure

200 bar / 20 MPa

Water output

13 l/min (780 l/h)

fuel tank capacity monitoring

25 l



Washer IDAF 48037 IWD-H D


Washer IDAF 48037 IWD-H D

  • Crank type pump with three ceramic pistons and forged brass head.
  • Pump-motor connection with anti-vibration coupling..
  • Continuous duty, 1450 rpm, four-pole electric motor protected by overload cut-out.
  • “ICS” Intelligent control safety system (intelligent total stop), microleak detection and total power down after 20’ disuse.
  • Burner control device shuts down operation if there is no pressure.
  • Stainless steel boiler.
  • Thermostat for selecting water outlet temperature.
  • Water tank with float control and filter.
  • Anti-scale system with independent pump.
  • Pilot lights indicating the machine and the burner functioning, plus the flame control.
  • Enamelled steel base in epoxy-polyester, satiny stainless steel covers and structures.
  • Possibility to be fixed to a wall, or upon an enamelled steel base.

Remote Control

Total Stop – ITS

Max. Pressure (Bar)


Max. Flow Rate (L/h)


Output Water Temp (⁰C)


Main Supply (Ph-V-Hz-A)


Max. Absorbed Power (kW)




Motor Speed (rpm)


Weight (kg)


Dimensions (cm)



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