Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) are used to provide temporary access to elevated work areas inaccessible under normal working conditions. A variety of AWPs offer different need-based solutions. AWPs like scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts and boom mast lifts allow for tight fitting access with small footprint, while articulating boom lifts are especially useful in reaching awkward areas that are inaccessible by the scissor, vertical mast or boom mast lifts, with greater flexibility.

Do you know the difference between Articulating Boom Lift and Telescopic Boom Lift?

Two unique varieties of lifts that largely rule the market today are “TELESCOPIC BOOM” and “ARTICULATING BOOM” lifts. The basic points distinguishing the two are narrated hereunder for your better understanding;

Telescopic Boom Lift:

A telescopic boom lift can be extended in a straight line at various vertical or horizontal angles by extending one or more boom sections. They are also called Stick Booms because of their straight looking appearance. This type of AWP provides enough vertical and horizontal reach to directly access overhead and horizontal work areas. Some key features include;

  • Greater load bearing capacity
  • Acquiring working position quickly
  • Greater vertical and horizontal reach
  • Articulating Boom Lift:

    An articulating boom lift has various boom segments connected through joints, which provide the length and articulation to reach inaccessible areas. Articulation is achieved due to knuckle joints between booms which allow up-and-over access, as well as vertical reach. Some key features include;

  • Achieving difficult positioning at height while overcoming ground obstacles
  • Working indoors within narrow and confined areas
  • Large and diverse working envelope with accurate positioning of basket/platform
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