Cleaning and disinfecting during this difficult phase of the pandemic is a thought that is on everyone’s mind. While there are many methods being adopted for cleaning and disinfecting, steam stands out as a medium of choice, simply because the high heat created by steam kills microorganisms including viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.
While talking about cleaning and disinfecting with steam, it is equally important to understand the very concept behind steam cleaning. Steam, as most of us know is transformation of heated water from liquid into gas. To further elaborate, the steam produced close to the boiling point of water, i.e. 100°C or 212°F contains higher percentage of water droplets in it. However, superheated “dry steam” produced at temperatures higher than 116°C or 240°F contains a very small percentage of water droplets.
The advantage with dry steam cleaning is that because of its very high temperature and low percentage of water droplets, it allows you to not only clean but also disinfect surfaces and remove the bad odors. The particles of vapor, by penetrating into the surface porosities, capture any kind of dirt. Cooling down and returning to the aqueous state, they then take away all the captured dirt.
Dry steam guarantees excellent results in hygiene, cleaning and sanitization.
The dry steam generated by a boiler under high pressure and brought up to high temperature has the ability to sanitize and cleanse, eliminating everything necessary with its strength.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner We Recommend:

AIDA BABY Steam Vacuum Cleaner by our principal Tecnovap

Aida baby is a single-phase steamer with a built-in vacuum cleaner for usage in the domestic sector. Encapsulated in its Stainless-Steel body is a boiler with a water capacity of 2 liters capable of poducing superheated steam under pressure. This is the perfect option for cleaning and disinfecting all coverings including flooring tiles, grouting, walls, pipe, grills and most fixtures and upholstery.
The only cleaning agent used in Tecnovap’s Aida Baby is water which is turned into superheated micro fine vapor dry steam giving total cleaning power without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
The superheated dry steam, with temperatures up to 158° C / 316,4° F @ 5 bar pressure has excellent disinfecting and cleaning properties, managing to remove even more resistant strains.
To top it all, Aida baby is equipped with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with water filtration system. Vacuum system is designed to alleviate common respiratory allergies, thanks to the use of a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air).
The immediate vacuum action (1200W) allows you to extract all the dirt to avoid its re-deposition. This way you obtain perfectly clean, sanitized and dry surface.
In a nutshell, the result is the perfect cleaning and sanitization.

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